Our mission

Our aim is to create and maintain a strong and dynamic network of Guinean professionals, entrepreneurs and talents in order to contribute towards the socio-economic development of Guinea..

Our objectives

This is the foundation of what we do


Build a network where we can learn to know each other, and build strong social bonds to further our careers/businesses through workshops, mentoring etc.

Help and support

Help and support young Guinean graduates in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with counsels, job placements, internship, recommendations, mentoring etc. to facilitate their employability.

Promote and support eduction

Promote and support education and entrepreneurship within the Guinean diaspora and in Guinea.


In the medium to long term, set up a scholarship fund to help bright but disadvantaged high school students in Guinea to come and study in the UK.

Guinea-UK Links

Help build links between Guinean and UK universities to improve academic research and cooperation, beneficial to both countries.

Business council

In the medium to long term, set up a UK-Guinea business council aiming to foster trade between our two countries.

Promote Guinea

Wherever possible, promote objectively a positive image of Guinea in the UK and vice-versa.


Help Guinea or UK based companies and/or companies looking to invest in either country in providing expert.

The Team

Our team of professionals

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